How do I create a Playlist?

To create a playlist, follow these simple steps:

1. Tap “More” to open the main menu and tap “Playlists".

2. Tap “Add Playlist”. Enter a new playlist name and tap “Save”.

3. Search through your music and tap a track to add to the playlist.

4. You can choose to sort by Artist, Albums or Songs at the bottom of the add to playlist screen.

When a selection has been successfully added to the playlist, a tick will appear next to the track and a message at the top of the screen will display “Track Added!”.

4. Tap “Done” to go to the playlist details.

5. Tap on a track to start the playlist.

The playlist will now play in the order that you've added the tracks:
Tap shuffle if you want the songs to play randomly.
Tap download to download all tracks.
Tap the individual grey downward arrows to download tracks individually.

If a track has not already been downloaded, (meaning it does not have the grey arrow box next to it), then tap on the track to begin streaming the track.

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